Urgent Court Roll before Judge Khumalo commencing on 03 May 2022
Civil Trails Outcomes of the Court Roll before Maubane AJ 04 May 2022
Message from Judge’s Secretary for Acting Judges/Judges Ronewa Vhumbane

Good Day All,

The Court will commence at 10h00 using Microsoft Teams.

Please join the meeting 20 minutes before 10h00 in order for us to attend to all technicalities ahead of court, to ensure that we are ready to commence with the court at 10h00, and also note your appearances.

Please also ensure that your practice note, a notice of setting down, and draft order in word format are uploaded on Caselines the draft court order should reflect the name of the Judge and that your matter is proceeding on the virtual platform.

The plaintiff’s attorneys are also to upload a compliance declaration onto the Caselines virtual platform.

Matters will be dealt with in numerical order.

Please also mute your microphone and camera when you are not addressing Judge.

Also, ensure that you are properly robed for court.

Find below the link to be utilized to join the meeting.

Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting


Judge’s Secretary for Acting Judges/Judges
High Court of South Africa
Gauteng Division Pretoria
High Court Building, 4th Floor, Office 4.8
c/o Paul Kruger and Madiba Streets, Pretoria, 0002
Private Bag X67, PRETORIA, 0001
Tel : +27 12 492 6750
Switchboard: 012 492 6667/9
Email: RVhumbane@judiciary.org.za
Website: www.judiciary.org.za

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Civil Trial Settlement Roll Before Justice Maubane AJ 4 May 2022