Civil Trial Roll Allocations 03 May 2022
Directive and Rolls for Default Judgements, JCMS, Settlement Rolls before Hon. Judge Mbongwe


  1. All matters before Tlhapi J in this week will be adjudicated on the virtual court via Microsoft Teams.
  2. A new link will be circulated to practitioners on or before the day of the hearing.
  3. Below is the link for Tuesday, 03 May 2022. Court commences at 9:30 am however practitioners are urged to log in a 9:00 for noting of appearance and connection check.
  4. The Judge expects counsel to upload draft orders on a separate section on CaseLines (Draft order – 03 April 2022). The draft order should comply with the practice directive i.e the name of the judge should reflect spelled correctly on the draft “TLHAPI”, The date of hearing, and the following disclaimer before the tramlines, [This Order is made an Order of Court by the Judge whose name is reflected herein, duly stamped by the Registrar of the Court and is submitted electronically to the Parties/their legal representatives by email. This Order is further uploaded to the electronic file of this matter on CaseLines by the Judge or his/her secretary. The date of this Order is deemed to be 03 May 2022.]


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Directive and Trial Interlocutory Roll before the Honourable Justice Thlapi J 03 May 2022