Tshwane Central Magistrates Court – Regional and Criminal Cases – 30 April 2021
Directive Unopposed Matters before Honourable Justice Vorster AJ 29 April 2021

Directive Civil Trial Settlement Roll for 22 and 23 April 2021 before Swan AJ(Amended)

Message from the Registrar to Honourable Madam Justice Swan AJ

Good Day

Kindly take note that all matters on Acting Judge Swan settlement roll will be dealt with on the papers only, provided that the parties have complied with the following;

1.All documents are to be uploaded on Case lines;
2.A signed joint memorandum of settlement/ submissions document together with a letter of consent/confirmation e-mail must be uploaded on case lines.
3.A draft order in word format should be emailed before 11h00 tomorrow to nico@nsswaninc.co.za, and cc TSibanda@judiciary.org.za indicating the date of the settlement roll and the matter number as it appears on the roll.
4.Should the legal representatives have the contact details of the claims handler that dealt with the matter, you are requested to please provide it.
5.Please ensure that both Mr Sibanda and the Judge are invited on Case Lines on the e-mails provided above.
6.Legal representatives are to ensure that the prescribed rate of interest (mora) is correct in the draft order.
7.Counsel/Attorney’s are to remain on standby and will be contacted should submissions be required on Microsoft Teams. Please ensure that a contact number for the legal representatives is made available.
8.Should any matter need to be removed from the roll, legal representatives are requested to inform Mr Sibanda as soon as possible


Registrar To Hon. Acting Judge Swan
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Gauteng Division Pretoria
High Court Building, 6th Floor, Room 6.13
c/o Paul Kruger and Madiba Streets, Pretoria, 0002
Private Bag X67, PRETORIA, 0001
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Switchboard: 012 492 6667/9
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Website: www.judiciary.org.za
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Civil Trial Settlement Roll for 22 - 23 April 2021 before Swan AJ