Urgent Roll – Judge Fourie & Judge Hughes – 20 October 2020
Unopposed Motions Roll before Tlhapi J on 19 October 2020


The urgent court roll as prepared by the Registrar as well as the Directive dated 16 October 2020 have both now been distributed. Practitioners should identify their cases according to this roll and comply with the Directive regarding the filing of a practice note before 18:00 today (par 5 and 6 thereof) via email to judge Fourie’s clerk. This practice note will then be used by the senior judge to do the allocation of matters where-after separate rolls will be made available indicating which matters have been allocated to the judges. Failure to file a complete practice note (as required in the Directive) via  email timeously may result in a matter not being allocated and then be struck off the roll.

Kindly also take notice that it is the duty of the parties and their legal representatives to ensure that matters are properly uploaded onto Caselines, that there are no duplications and that the judges and their clerks have access to the correct files on Caselines, before the allocation is made. Failure to comply with this duty timeously may result in a matter not being dealt with and then be struck of the roll without further notification.

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Directive with regard to Urgent Applications 19 - 23 October 2020