Trial Interlocutory Court Matters Hon Malindi J 07 September 2021
JCM before Hon Judge Fourie J 07 September 2021


The following procedure will apply in case of management cases on the roll for the week of 6 September 2021 before Judge Fourie:

  1. Only matters which have been registered and of which all documents have already been fully uploaded on Case Lines will be considered. All other cases will be struck off the roll;
  2. A fully completed and signed Form 10 (Judge’s Certificate of trial readiness) must be uploaded onto caselines, (and NOT sent to the judge’s secretary) under a separate and easily identifiable main heading by no later than 10:00 on each day of the week applicable. A failure to comply with this requirement will result in the matter be struck off the roll. No certificates will be accepted after 10:00;
  3. Form 10 must indicate the following additional information to enable the judge to decide whether the matter is trial-ready:

3.1     Merits, quantum or both;

3.2     Expert reports already filed by the plaintiff;

3.3     Expert reports outstanding (plaintiff);

3.4     Expert reports already filed by the defendant;

3.5     Expert reports outstanding (defendant);

3.6     When will outstanding reports be filed;

3.7     Confirmation that matter is trial-ready/not trial ready;

4.    A failure to comply fully with par 3, from 3.1 to 3.7 individually, will result in the matter being struck off the roll;

5.    Any other issue not referred to above (relating to case management of the matter concerned), may be indicated on Form 10 whereafter it will be considered;

6.    It will not be necessary to appear in these matters, unless there is a specific request to do so in which event it must be clearly stated in Form 10, properly completed, with a summary of the submissions to be made.  Matters will then be conducted on Microsoft teams.

7.    The parties will be notified of the outcome by email as soon as possible.

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Judicial Case Management Meeting Roll before Honourable Judge Fourie 06 September 2021<strong>.</strong>