Civil Trial Roll – Allocations – 26 October 2020 Part 3
Judicial Case Management Meeting Roll for 28 October 2020
Judicial Case Management Meeting Roll before Retief AJ

Attached, please find the Judicial Case Management Meeting Rolls for 27 October 2020 before all the Judges on the roll.

Only matters which have been registered and of which documents have already been uploaded on Case Lines, or where the court file in physical form has already been delivered, will be considered. All other cases will be struck off the roll.

Please peruse the roll before Judge Retief AJ to see if your matter/matters are before her on 27 October 2020.

Retief AJ requests the following from all legal practitioners on the roll before her:

  1. Please e-mail your completed Form 10 (with the number as it appears on the roll indicated on the top right hand corner of the form) to no later than 10h00 on 27 October 2020. No Form 10 will be accepted after 10h00.
  2. The form 10 must indicate the following additional information to enable the Judge to decide whether the matter is trial ready:
    • Merits, quantum or both;
    • If the merits are still in dispute please indicate the reasons;
    • If any reports are still outstanding, please indicate which reports are still outstanding and by whom and when they will be filed.
    • If any joint minutes are still outstanding please indicate when it will be filed;
    • If the actuarial reports are still outstanding please indicate when it will be filed;
    • Confirmation that the matter is trial ready/not ready
    • If the, please also indicate how many days are needed for the trial;
    • At the end of the form 10 where it states Judge’s action, please indicate if a date has already been allocated, if not please indicate that a date may be allocated.
    • No Legal Practitioner is required to appear before Retief AJ on the date when the matter is on the roll;
    • The parties will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible by either receiving a signed certificate indicating trial readiness alternatively an indication of the decision taken.

Members should please take note that the court rolls were drawn up and received from the Registrar of the High Court. The Association accepts no liability for the content of the rolls or the accuracy of same.

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Judicial Case Management Meeting Roll for 27 October 2020