Benjamin Powell – BCom Law – Candidate Attorney
Adriaan Hubertus Meyer – LLB – Attorney

Ndishavhelafhi Godoni – LLB – Candidate Attorney

My name is Ndishavhelafhi (Calvin) Godoni, commonly known as Calvin Godoni. Thank you for an opportunity to apply for the Candidate Attorney role at your Law firm. I completed my LLB degree at the University of South Africa in December 2020, and I am looking for an opportunity to serve my articles of clerkship. I believe that under the guidance and supervision of of all the firm’s Attorneys, I will be groomed to be an investment to the firm and the legal profession as a Candidate Attorney, and Attorney post admission. I am hungry, driven, focused and hard working. I would be indebted if you could give me an opportunity to serve articles with your firm. I am worth taking the shot for. Please find attached Cover Letter and CV, Academic Transcript and other supporting documents for your attention. Thank you for your indulgence, I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience for an interview.

Position Required:
Candidate Attorney
Field of Specialisation:
General Litigation
Area of Residence:
Pretoria Central
Email Address:
Current Employment Status: