RAF Civil Trial Roll – Allocations – 02 March 2021 Part 2
Directive and Opposed Motions Barnard AJ (8 – 12 March 2021)

Opposed Motions Roll – Basson J (8 – 12 March 2021)

Message from the Registrar to Honourable Madam Justice Basson
Dear Sir/Madam

Opposed Motion Court – Basson J – 8 to 12 March 2021

Attached hereto, please find the allocated roll for Judge Basson for Opposed Motions during the week 8 to 12 March 2021. The allocated date on which each matter will be heard as well as the designated timeslot is hi-lighted in yellow.

We trust that you will find the above in order.

Kind Regards,

Adele van Niekerk
Secretary to the Honourable Madam Justice Basson
Room 125
Palace of Justice
Church Square
Tel:  084 986 4751
Fax:  086 680 4704
Office Of The Chief Justice
Gauteng High Court, Pretoria

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Opposed Motions Roll - Basson J (8 - 12 March 2021)