Trial Interlocutory Roll Hon Botha AJ 13 September 2021
Directive and Unopposed Matters before Hon Baloyi-Mere AJ 14 September 2021




10 September 2021

1. There will be no open court appearances. All matters will be dealt with by way of videoconferencing through Microsoft Teams. All counsel is required to appear in all the applications. The invitation will be sent on the morning of the hearing and the hearing will begin strictly at 09h00.

2. Postponements and removals will be called first. Thereafter the applications will be called chronologically according to the number appearing on the roll. Notices of removals, postponements, and settlements can be emailed to the email address provided below.

3. Parties should ensure that all documents including draft orders and practice notes are filed on Caselines. Practice notes should set out, amongst others, the instructing attorney and counsel/legal practitioners’ contact details (names, email addresses, and contact numbers).

4. Parties should ensure compliance with the relevant directives pertaining to the trial interlocutory court, including the uploading of documents on Caselines within the stipulated times.

5. Documents relevant to the Interlocutory application of 15 September must be uploaded, properly indexed, and paginated, as the FIRST item/index on Caselines under the index heading: “Interlocutory Application – 15 September”:

6. Regarding striking of the defense in RAF matters – please upload the following:

  • Practice Note;
  • Judge’s certificate of trial readiness;
  • Trial date / Set Down for Trial;
  • Interlocutory Application (NOM, founding affidavit and all annexures);
  • Notice of Set Down of the application and proof of service/read receipt of e-mail;
  • Draft Order in “word” format.

7. Kindly ensure that Boitumelo Dube at is invited to your matter and that all proposed draft orders are also emailed in word format to Boitumelo on the day. Draft orders must clearly reflect the surname of the Judge (i.e Pauer AJ), the date being 15 September 2021, the manner in which the matter will be heard (i.e Microsoft Teams), and at the end of the draft order the name and contact details of Counsel/Practitioner appearing. If the phrase “Further and/or alternative relief” appears in your draft order, it must be deleted.

8. During the hearing, we shall request that Counsel/Practitioners appearing to be robed and all the participants must please mute their cameras/videos and microphones, except Counsel/Practitioners addressing the court.

9. All granted orders will be uploaded onto CaseLines.

10. Should you have any inquiries kindly email or contact me on 012 315 7460

Trust you find the above in order.

Please find below the link to join the Hearing

Microsoft Teams Meeting

Click here to join the meeting

Yours Faithfully

Boitumelo Dube
TEL: 012 315 7460

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Trial Interlocutory Roll before Honourable Justice Pauer F AJ 15 September 2021