Unopposed Matters Uploaded on Caselines 15 June 2022
Directive: Unopposed Motions before Honourable Judge Holland-Muter AJ – 13, 15, 17 June 2022

Trial Interlocutory Roll Hon Van der Westhuizen J 09 June 2022

Message from Secretary to Judge van der Westhuizen

Dear All,

Attached, please find the Trial Interlocutory Court Roll before Judge CJ van der Westhuizen for Thursday, 9 June 2022 that will be heard in open court, namely Court B in the Palace of Justice, Church Square, Pretoria Central at 10:00.

All the matters will be dealt with in court.

Please do not e-mail your orders or any papers to me as everything should be uploaded onto caselines before the time.

The parties are requested to hand up 2 copies of their Draft Order/Order in court on Thursday.


Bokka van Zyl
Secretary to Judge van der Westhuizen
Palace of Justice
2nd Floor
Chamber 23
Tel: 012 314 9004//082 838 2575
Switchboard: 012 492 6667/9

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Trial Interlocutory Roll before Honorable Justice Van der Westhuizen J 09 June 2022