Other Civil Trial Roll – Allocations – 02 June 2021 Part 1
Other Civil Trial Roll – Allocations – 02 June 2021 Part 2
Message from the Office of Honourable Justice Khumalo

Dear Counsel/Attorneys

Kindly find herewith attached trial interlocutory directive and roll before Khumalo AJ.

Kindly distribute the attached roll to any interested party that might have not received same.

Kindly take note that court commences at 10h00 and matters will be dealt with via Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Meeting

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Thank you

Kind Regards

Ms Awelani Thangavhuelelo
Office of the Honourable Justice Khumalo AJ
High Court Building, 8th Floor, Room 8.8
c/o Paul Kruger and Madiba Streets, Pretoria, 0002
Private Bag X67, PRETORIA, 0001
Tel: +27 12 315 7585
Email: AThangavhuelelo@judiciary.org.za

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Directive and Trial Interlocutory Roll Justice Khumalo AJ 03 June 2021