About The Pretoria Attorneys Association

Representing the interests of Pretoria Attorneys

The Pretoria Attorneys Association is a voluntary association representing the interests of Attorneys practising in the Pretoria area. The Association assists its members in liaising with public bodies such as the Deeds Office, the Master’s Office, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission and the Courts. The Association also keeps its members abreast of any changes in the functioning of these bodies by sending information and circulars affecting members’ practices to them on a regular basis.

Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee of the Association meets on a monthly basis to address all challenges facing the profession. Our approach is always based on the principle that we are in an honourable profession and that one must always practice according to ethical standards.

Pretoria Attorneys Association Offices

The Association has two fully functional offices situated at the Pretoria High Court and Magistrate’s Court respectively that offer all the necessary office equipment and well trained staff to assist Attorneys and members of the public.


The Association furthermore hosts functions for its members allowing for excellent networking opportunities.