The Vision and Mission of the Pretoria Attorneys Association (PAA)

The Pretoria Attorneys Association (PAA) is a voluntary association of attorneys, established in 1946, to facilitate and enhance an independent legal profession for the Tshwane Magisterial Jurisdiction, that broadly reflects the diversity of the Republic.

The PAA recognise the constitutional right to freedom of trade, occupation and profession and to practice the trade of legal practitioners.

To enable the Association to act as such, we recognize the following mission and vision statements.

Maintaining our role as the leading association in the region acting in the interest of our members.

Providing a highly functional office with professional and proud service for members at High and Magistrates’ Court.

Acting as ambassadors of our esteemed profession and uplift the image of our members, while acting independently, objectively, professionally, and with integrity.

Maintaining, facilitating and improving active dialogue between members and stakeholders.

Promoting and protecting the independence of lawyers.

Providing support to meet needs expressed by attorneys.

Promoting and protecting the independence of the legal profession through the support and empowerment of lawyers who face reprisals, interferences and restrictions because of their work.

Obtaining and distributing relevant information relevant to attorneys.

Analysing and debate challenges encountered by attorneys, and obtain guidance by local lawyers and other stakeholders to find solutions to these challenges.

Acting in coordination and solidarity with others working toward common goals.

Hosting events to facilitate and promote social interaction between members of the legal profession.

Providing training and assistance to junior attorneys entering the profession.

To become the leading body in our region regarding attorneys’ interests, and to be confirmed and respected as such.

To have the majority of attorneys in our region as members of this association and to be seen as the association to have the interests of all attorneys at heart, irrespective of colour, race, gender and/or political beliefs.

To focus on our commonality as legal practitioners, while celebrating our diversity in fields of law and culture.

To act independently, objectively, professionally, and with integrity which in turn will earn the respect of stakeholders.

To improve effective communication between:

  • this association and our members;
  • this association and stakeholders;
  • our members; and
  • similar associations

To promote active involvement and participation amongst our members.

Establishing and promoting a legal environment where attorneys can practice law independently to effectively fulfil their role in upholding the rule of law and the protection of all rights afforded to the citizens of the Republic of South Africa.

Establishing a culture as well as an environment where all attorneys should be able to practice without improper interference or fear of reprisal, inclusive when it does not suit government, statutory watchdogs, other legal associations or the judiciary.