Road Accident Fund

RAF Amendment Bill

On 8 September 2023 the Department of Transport published a draft Road Accident Fund Amendment Bill.

The last effective day for public comment is Friday 6 October 2023.

If the proposed draft bill becomes law, the rights of all drivers, passengers and pedestrians to claim compensation for injuries they suffer in a motor vehicle accident will be taken away. In its place will be significantly curtailed “social benefits”.  Only very limited benefits will be paid.

The proposed amendments amount to a drastic restriction of existing rights which will affect all South Africans!

Click here to read a summary of the proposed changes.

The PAA has partnered with various other voluntary organisations to call for widespread public participation and submission of comments on the Amendment bill to stop it from being implemented.

All members of civil society are urged to make individual submissions before the deadline date of 6 October 2023 as follows:

  • By sending an email to and (please cc to enable us to keep track of submissions made).
    Don’t know how to formulate your submission?
    We have created various sample submission forms to assist you.  Just click, read and we will send you a document that you can edit as you wish and email from your own email address to the Department of Transport.


The number of submissions made by civil society will be the deciding factor determining whether the proposed amendments are accepted by parliament, or not.

We urge all South Africans to take part in this public participation process, and also to encourage others to do so.

Road Accident Fund

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