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City of Tshwane Rates Clearance Certificates: Update

  1. Some of our members appear to have misinterpreted previous communication from the PAA and are insisting on figures/certificates being available in 5 days.  Please take note that the 5-day target relates to the goal for an ideal situation in a post-backlog world.


  1. The City of Tshwane strongly urges all members of the PAA to send details of bribery and corruption.  There are so many rumours circulating of people gaining physical access to Tshwane Offices to expedite figures/certificates or otherwise “fast-tracking” or “by-passing” the process.  The City of Tshwane needs details (names) and can’t investigate rumours.  Some instances have already been referred to the City of Tshwane by the PAA and we trust that these are being investigated for possible criminal prosecution.  Our members may send the PAA details on an anonymous basis and we will pass it on for investigation.


  1. We’ll circulate a “portal address” later, which we STILL await from the City of Tshwane despite numerous requests.


  1. We have received the latest Statistics from the City of Tshwane, which show some progress in eliminating the backlog.  However, notwithstanding the progress, we remain extremely concerned about the backlog (e.g. that 595 applications from before 20 May remain “Pending”).  We hold the City of Tshwane responsible to meet its undertaking with regard to eliminating the backlog in the next two weeks.


  1. We have again received Statistics for all Firms but we don’t believe that we can circulate this without the consent of the firms.  Yet again, you’re welcome to confirm your own firm’s statistics with the PAA Office by email at


  1. The general Statistics are as follows:

(Duplications and EUA’s account for the small differences in Applications Received compared to Approved Memo, Rejected Memo and Pending Memo)