Directive: Unopposed Matters Thlapi J 19 and 22 July 2022
Directive: Unopposed Motions Judge Vuma AJ – 25, 27, 29 June 2022
Message from the Chambers of the Honourable Justice Molopa – Sethosa

Dear Sir/Madam

PRACTICE DIRECTIVE FOR UNOPPOSED MOTIONS – Molopa – Sethosa J – 19 and 21 July 2022

Please be advised that it is not protocol to contact a Judge personally, either by way of an e-mail or a phone call.

All matters will be dealt with virtually and Court will start at 10H00 on Tuesday 15 July 2022 and Thursday 21 July.

Settlements and removals can be communicated to the Judge’s Secretary at any time.
Please note that your index, pagination, and Practice Note must be in accordance with the Practice Directives as issued by the JP (The last one dated 11 June 2021). Kindly note that your Practice Note must contain full submissions regarding the content of your matter. If all of the above is not done, your matter will be struck from the roll.

A link will be sent to the Legal representatives by the Judge’s secretary.
Trust you find the above in order.


Opulent Molopa
Secretary to Molopa-Sethosa J

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