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PAA Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meeting – 19 October 2022

GhostPractice Female Practitioners Advancement Course

GhostPratice Female Practitioners Advancement Course

The Pretoria Attorneys Association (PAA) noted two shortcomings in the legal profession with extreme disappointment, namely:

  1. The slow progress toward achieving gender equality in the profession; and
  2. The very poor pass rate in the Admission Exams

The PAA decided that a FREE course for deserving female candidates in preparation for the Admission Exams was the logical solution.  With the help of GHOSTPRACTICE, our sponsor, and Spence Learning (Pty) Ltd, we enrolled our first 20 students for an intensive 4-weekend course (Saturdays and Sundays).  The PROFESSIONAL PROVIDENT SOCIETY (PPS) supplied us with an amazing venue in Centurion and ensured that our students received lunch and refreshments.  Thank you to everyone involved.

The GhostPractice Female Practitioners Advancement Course (FPAC) was presented to 20 candidates over four successive weekends from 16 July to 7 August by Natalie Macdonald Spence of Spence Learning (Pty) Ltd at NO COST to the applicants, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.

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