RAF Settlement Roll Before Mdalana-Mayisela J – 17 January 2021
Directive Civil Trial Settlement Roll Lukhaimane AJ from 17 To 21 January 2021
Message from the Secretary to Honourable Justice Mdalana-Mayisela

Dear Counsel/Attorneys

Attorneys are kindly requested to ensure that their counsel and other interested parties are in possession of the link and are able to timeously log in.

Settlement Court Roll-On 18 January 2020 Before Mdalana-Mayisela J At 10:00.

Attorneys are further requested to upload draft orders in both word and pdf format timeously.

Microsoft Teams Meeting

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Yours Faithfully

Bonisiwe Cebekhulu
Secretary to Mdalana- Mayisela, J

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Road Accident Funds Settlement Roll Before Mdalana-Mayisela J - 18 January 2021