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Thank you speech at the closing event of the PAA second Annual Golf Day at Sun City

PAA Annual Golf Day Sun City 2022

Thank you speech at the closing event of the Pretoria Attorneys’ Association second Annual Golf Day at Sun City

Millie Shantal-Lurie

Millie Shantall-Lurie, Vice-Chairperson and Treasurer of the Pretoria Attorneys Assoction

Good Evening Everyone and welcome to our second Pretoria Attorneys’ Association annual Golf Day. I am very pleased and proud to address you as the vice-chairperson and treasurer of the Pretoria Attorneys’ Association.

You have all heard of the saying that “everything is bigger and better in the USA.” I must respectfully disagree. Our second annual Golf Day was even bigger and better than last year’s event and I had some fantastic feedback from the players.

We are so grateful for the support which we received from our corporate sponsors who are committed to strengthening and building a presence here this evening and who have enabled us to put together the biggest Golf Day in the history of our Association, an Association which has been around and served the legal profession for more than 76 years, being established in 1946. Our Association has met our goal this year to provide an exceptional opportunity for all our members and non-members to experience the courses of both Gary Player and the Lost City. I would like to thank you all personally for your attendance this year and for making this event such a success.

We continue to wear our logo proudly and we are very appreciative of the players who have participated in our event this year and who have promoted our brand with the beautiful caps which were designed for us by Golf Portal and worn on the golf courses. To all our long standing and loyal corporate sponsors and to the new corporate sponsors who have recently come on board, your sponsorship has helped our Association tremendously and has given us the opportunity to confidently plan future events. We in turn have created an informal forum in which you are able to interact with and engage with our members and hopefully enhance your respective businesses.

We had a very fun and successful tournament this year. This event would not have materialised without the tireless effort that went into organising it. I would like to thank the event co-ordinators and the events and marketing committee of our Association and in no particular order, Ms Jessie Muthusamy and Gareth Shepperson, for the huge effort and work they put in, to make this event the huge success it was.

Returning to our sponsors, I would like to mention each by name, LegalServe and Ghostpractice who have been committed to our Association for many years and new sponsors which have come on board, Hollard Court Bonds being our title sponsor, Sable International, Mozmedia, PAA Longest Drive, BMW Fountains, Taurus Capital, Union Vault and The SA Institute of Medico-Legal Experts. Thank you for your generous support and for promoting the importance of this event for the legal fraternity.

To all my co-EXCO members and their families and those who gave up of their valuable time and effort to make this year’s event a success and on behalf of the Chair and his family and anybody else who I may not specifically have mentioned by name, I express our sincere gratitude for your participation and generous support.

This event has definitely been one to remember!