Unopposed Motions Roll before Phahlane J Ally AJ De Vos AJ 2022-08-31 to 2022-08-31
Directive: Unopposed Motions Roll before Ally AJ 2022-08-31 to 2022-08-31

Unopposed Motions Roll before Bokako AJ 2022-08-25 to 2022-08-25

Message from Honourable Madam Justice Bokako AJ

Directives for Unopposed Motions 23 – 25 August 2022 Before the Honourable Madam Justice Bokako AJ.
1. Unopposed motions applications before the Honourable Madam Justice Bokako AJ will be conducted virtually, MS Teams. The link is attached below.

2. Kindly ensure that all the relevant documents are uploaded on caselines, Including the practice note, a notice of set-down, proof of service, draft order, and the compliance affidavit.

3. The draft order reflecting all the relevant information i.e. the name of the Judge and the date of the hearing must be emailed to

4. In the event that the Judge grants an amended draft order, the same must be uploaded immediately under a separate section on caselines named “amended draft order” in word format.

5. Please ensure that the case number on the draft order and its content are correct.

6. Removals should be communicated by email to

7. Parties appearing in person or counsel, without access to the electronic platform, kindly attend to court 6G or 6F for assistance.


MS Teams Link

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Meeting ID: 359 988 737 169
Passcode: K5xVB8 

Rose Selepe