Gauteng High Court Pretoria – Duty Roster Recess Period 19 December 2017 – 29 January 2018


In the news: Attorneys up in arms over deeds offices

The legal fraternity in Pretoria is up in arms over proposed plans by the government to change the demarcation of the Pretoria and Johannesburg deeds offices - a move it believes will lead to the closure of firms in the capital city and a loss of jobs.

Registrars Conference Resolutions 2017


CRC 12 of 2015 Registrars Conference Resolution


Closure of CIPC Offices during the Festive Season


Application Form for Biometric Access Deeds Pretoria

Please click on the link to download the Application Form for […]

Registrar of Deeds Pretoria: Registrar Circular 10 of 2015


Registrar of Deeds Pretoria: Registrar Circular 13 of 2017


Registrar of Deeds Pretoria: December Arrangements


CIPC Notice to Customers – Notice 1 of 2018


Business Requirements for the Electronic Deeds Registration System (e-DRS)

The office of the Chief Registrar of Deeds is currently […]

Registrar of Deeds Pretoria – Registrar Circular 1 of 2018

To provide clarity regarding the procedure to be followed for the establishment of townships, the following guidelines are provided in order to create a uniform practice and to prevent unnecessary rejections.

Registrar of Deeds Pretoria – Registrar Circular 2 of 2018

To provide guidance on how to deal with registered deeds and documents which reflect the incorrect spelling of the name of the township in the property description thereof, or where the township name has been translated in another language other than that as on the approved General Plan.

Registrar of Deeds Pretoria – Registrar Circular 3 of 2018

Repealing of obsolete Registrar’s Circulars ...

Chief Registrar of Deeds – Chief Registrar’s Circular 1 of 2018

Trust Number Suffixes For Identification of Offices of The Master of The High Court ...

Registrar of Deeds Pretoria – Notice to Conveyancers 13 March 2018

Biometric System and Enrolment

Johannesburg – Pretoria Demarcation of Boundaries Update: Communique to Conveyancers

The purpose of this communique is to give a status report regarding the demarcation of boundaries of the Johannesburg and Pretoria deeds registries, which is part of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform’s Realignment of Deeds Registries’ Areas of Jurisdiction to Provincial Boundaries Programme.

CIPC Notice 10 of 2018 – Pilot of Automation of Shares

Pilot of new online filing method for changes relating to authorised shares as per form COR15.2.

Pretoria Deeds Office Closure 29 March 2018

In line with the departmental Circular 27 of 2018 , the Deeds Office Pretoria will close at 10:00 on Thursday 29 March 2018.

CIPC Notice 14 of 2018 – List of Accredited Professional Bodies

List of Accredited Professional Bodies whose members are eligible to be licensed as business rescue practitioners …

CIPC Notice 15 of 2018 – B-BBEE Applications via e-services

CIPC is proud to announce that since 1 April 2018, […]

CIPC Revised Practice Note 6 of 2011 – Pertaining to External Companies

The original practice note 6 of 2011 issued in terms […]

CIPC Notice to Customers Pertaining To Filing of Annual Financial Statements

As from 1 July 2018 all qualifying entities required to […]

Chief Registrars Circular 2 of 2018 – Rates Clearance Certificates

Lodgement of Rates Clearance Certificates in terms of the Local […]

CIPC Notice 16 of 2018 – Finally Deregistered Companies and Close Corporations

Finally Deregistered Companies and Close Corporations which fail to file […]