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Social Media Webinar 22 April 2022

PAA Social Media Webinar

The Pretoria Attorneys Association proudly presents Ms. Emma Sadleir from the Digital Law Company.

Join us as Ms. Sadleir discusses a range of topics that include the legal considerations of using social media, including defamation, crimen injuria, image-based violence, revenge pornography, confidentiality, insider trading and intellectual property; and the social media landscape in South Africa during Covid-19 – Zoom-bombing, phishing, fake news, location-tracking, naming and shaming, snitching, liability of WhatsApp admins, sextortion, doxing and addiction, and much more!

Format: Webinar
Date: Friday, 22 April 2022;
Time: 11h00 to 13h00;
Cost: PAA members: R 500-00 per person or R 2,500-00 per group of 5 or more attendees;
Non- PAA members and other interested parties: R 800-00 per person, or R 4,000-00 per group of 5 or more attendees;
All prices exclusive of VAT.


Ms. Emma Sadleir from the Digital Law Company.

Emma Sadleir is South Africa’s leading expert on social media law. The Digital Law Company, which she founded in 2014, specialises in educating and advising corporates, employees, schools, universities and several other entities on the legal, disciplinary and reputational risks of social media.

Her areas of expertise include managing the legal consequences of using social media, including defamation, privacy, hate speech and intellectual property; cyberbullying and harassment; sexting and pornography offences; the disciplinary consequences of using social media; personal and brand reputation management on social media; health and social media and online safety”.


Rochelle at, Tel: 012 323 6201/ 2520;

Registration on or before Wednesday, the 20th of April 2022.

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