Beursfonds Aansoeke 2020
LPC Candidate Attorneys Admission Examinations
Legal Practice Council Admission Examinations February 2020

During 2019 there was again wide spread interest in the scholarship fund awarded by the Pretoria Attorneys Association. Because of our limited budget, quite a few applications could not be accommodated. A few applications were also poorly motivated and could therefore not be considered.

The purpose of the fund is to assist disadvantaged part-time law students in the employ of PAA members by paying their pre-graduate course fees. The sub-committee shall determine the extent of the financial assistance depending on each student’s circumstances.

Allocations will be made annually. It is not the purpose of the fund to assist candidate-attorneys with their Law School fees and such applications will not be entertained.

Members of the PAA are requested to convey the abovementioned to their personnel (candidate attorneys and administrative personnel) who are enrolled for a part-time law degree.

Application forms are available at the offices of the PAA (5th floor, High Court) and can also be downloaded below.

Applicants are requested to hand in their duly completed application forms for financial assistance during 2020, in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Scholarship Fund”, at the PAA, 5th floor, High Court Building on or before 4 February 2020.  Applicants are requested to give a concise motivated statement, together with proof of identity, academic records and confirmation by the fully paid up member of the PAA that the applicant is indeed employed by him/her.

Should a successful applicant leave the employ of the PAA member no further financial assistance will be rendered to him/her.

Preference will be given to bursars who studied successfully during 2019. Such bursars should please hand in a new application for assistance in 2020.

Applications will close at 16h00 on 4 February 2020 and the successful applicants will be informed of the award and the extent thereof for the academic year of 2020, as soon as possible thereafter.

Dawie Beyers
PAA Scholarship Fund


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