Draft Legal Sector Code – Invitation for Comments
Minutes of meeting: Pretoria Attorneys Association and City of Tshwane

Correspondence to the Gauteng Division of the High Court (Pretoria and Johannesburg)

To ensure that your correspondence is attended to and expeditiously, kindly ensure that it is addressed to the relevant recipient:


1. In respect of matters addressed to the Deputy Judge President:

1.1 Pretoria:

The Hon. Acting Deputy Judge President Molopa

Per:  Mr Opulent Molopa – OMolopa@judiciary.org.za and

Ms Avela Mbelani – AMbelani@judiciary.org.za

1.2 Johannesburg:

The Hon. Acting Deputy Judge President Sutherland

Per:  Ms Liana Tulleken – SecretaryDJP@judiciary.org.za and

Ms Hendrinne Feiertag – HFeiertag@judiciary.org.za


2. Court rolls and contact details of Judges’ Secretaries:

2.1  Court rolls are circulated by the Registrar and Judges’ Secretaries (where applicable) to the Legal Profession through its Associations/Societies and are also published on the Judiciary website.

2.2  The Courts’ Duty Rosters are accessible on the Judiciary website whererin the contact details of relevant Judges’ Secretaries may be found.


3. The Registrar’s Office of the High Court in Pretoria and Johannesburg:

3.1 Contact details for the various sections (Motions, Civil Trials, Civil and Criminal Appeals, Records/Archives, etc.) are accessible on the Judiciary website (www.judiciary.org.za) [refer to the Gauteng Division under the Superior Courts tab on the home page of the website]

3.2  Matters relating to enrolment must be addressed to the relevant Registrar unless where the Court’s Practice Manual and/or Directives direct otherwise.

3.3  Requests for Court files of matters not dealt with on CaseLines must be directed to the Registrar of records management or Archives.


4. Directives and Notices regarding Court Operations in the Gauteng Division of the High Court (Pretoria and Johannesburg):

4.1  All relevant Directives and Notices are accessible on the Judiciary website [note should particularly be taken of the 18 September 2020 Consolidated Directive, the non-compliance Notice in respect thereof and the checklist for compliance]


5. Requests/Complaints re Court Orders[refer to para 6.1.6 and 6.2.6 of non-compliance Notice issued on 27 November 2020 – available on the Judiciary website]


6. Legal advice and assistance for unrepresented litigants

6.1  Unrepresented litigants who require legal advice and assistance may approach the following institutions that offer pro bono (free) services: