Government Gazette No 43167 Regulations under the Disaster Management Act

Directions issued in terms of Regulation 10 of the Regulations […]

GAA Open Letter to LPC re LPC Subscription Fees

Complaints from the profession regarding high LPC subscription fees The […]

LPC Draft Code of Conduct – Call for Comments

Amendment to Code of Conduct previously published in terms of sections 97(1)(b) of the Legal Practice Act, 28 of 2014 (as amended)

Notice to all Legal Practitioners – New rules regarding robing in court not yet effective

It was resolved by the Legal Practice Council at its […]

Regulations in terms of S94 of the Legal Practice Act, 2014


Proclamation No. R. 31 of 2018 – Commencement of certain sections of the Legal Practice Act, 2014


Election results for the Legal Practice Council announced

The National Forum on the Legal Profession (NF) announced the results of the election of the attorneys and advocates who will form part of the first Legal Practice Council (LPC) ...